Globe Apartments Telephone Tariff

Globe apartments are happy to offer free UK Landline weekend calls to all our guests.

Standard BT Rates are charged. The information below is an exmple of costings - a full breakdown of call charges can be found here.

There is a connection charge of 25p plus VAT for every charged call made.

Calls made for over 60 minutes become chargeable so please avoid making a 60 minute call - you are advised to end the call and redial.

Not all calls are free, which includes calls to mobile phones and abroad. See detailed pricing schedule below for further details.


"Daytime" is defined as 7am - 7pm Monday to Friday

"Evening" is defined as after 7pm and before 7am Monday to Friday

"Weekend" is defined as after midnight on Friday and before midnight on Sunday


UK call prices are as follows:

All weekend UK calls are free for the first 60 minutes, after this they are charged at 9 pence per minute.

All non-weekend UK calls are charged at 9 pence per minute.

Example overseas rates 

India daytime 28.5 pence per minute

India evening & weekend 25 pence per minute

South Africa daytime 60 pence per minute

South Africa evening & weekend 53 pence per minute

United States of America daytime 17.5 pence per minute

United States of America 12 pence per minute


* Calls are free to 0870 numbers under 1 hour on call plans.
* Premium numbers have a connection fee of 15p plus the premium rate of the call. All premium numbers are charged at different rates.  
* If you would like to know the exact rate you are being charged for your premium call; please go to the above website link
* Calls from your fixed line to some international mobiles are charged at 25p per minute above the price of an equivalent International Direct Dialled call to a fixed line.
* UK operator Services (100) - Calls to the 100 operator advice or help are free. You are only charged when you have a call connected or use one of the other services from the operator
* International Operator Services (155) - Calls to the 155 International operator for advice or help are free. If you want a call connected there is a call charge as well as a service charge.
* International Directory Enquiry Calls - Calls to 118 505 cost £2.93 per min, plus a connection fee charge of 96.9p per call. If connected to required number the call carries on being charged at £2.93 per min.

1 - You'll hear an interrupted dial tone whenever you have any messages

Listening to, saving and deleting your messages:

1 to listen to you message
2 to save your message
3 to delete you message