3 ways you can start planning your next trip

Travel planning

If you’re anything like us, you love to have something to look forward to. Planning a holiday is like some sort of justifiable daydream, where you get to imagine all the amazing things you’ll do and places you’ll go and people you’ll meet and delicacies you’ll sample, all from the comfort of your office home.

Even if your next trip is a while away, you can start collating information now to make sure you get the most out of it. And if you’re more of a spur-of-the-moment “wing it” type traveler, well… just come see us when you get here and we’ll point you in the direction of some spontaneous fun.  

  1. Make your ‘Hit List’
    This stage of planning is the most fun, where you’re just finding everything you might want to do on your trip. You could use Pinterest, your browser bookmarks (create new bookmark folder called “London Calling”), or whatever your normal method of pulling together information is – just make it visual. You can even get old school and make a physical ‘ideas board’.

    This can apply to any trip, but for argument’s sake let’s say you’re coming to the best city in the world (London, obviously). Start gathering together all the things you want to DO (activity-based), SEE (sights), EAT (restaurants/cafes) and DRINK (bars/nightlife). A good place to start is Time Out’s 101 Things To Do in London.

    Pro tip: If you’re super-nerdy, you can group the above into areas of London so you’ll know what you can see/do/eat/drink in one day or afternoon, for example, without travelling too far. Refine your Hit List down if you need to, prioritise must-dos and must-sees (and must-eats).
  2. Get spending-savvy
    Make a daily budget. This will also help you if you need a target saving goal. Just don’t forget to give yourself some wiggle-room, too.

    Hint: Average cost of a cup of coffee: £2.00-4.00 Daily travel using an Oyster card: max £8.60

  3. Line up those ducks!
    Make yourself a list of everything you have to do before you leave on your trip. Some of these are obvious, like booking time off work and packing, but don’t forget about travel insurance, sorting out the cat-sitter, turning on your out-of-office, and knowing where you’re headed once you land at Heathrow.

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Get in touch today to start planning your next visit. We can’t wait, either!