5 reasons 'Bleisure' Travellers choose Serviced Apartments over hotels

If you haven’t already heard, ‘bleisure’ has become a real thing in the world of travel and hospitality. It's the term used to describe travellers on business trips who incorporate elements of a holiday: sometimes bringing along family members, or adding extra nights or features just for sightseeing.

It can also refer to people on holidays who need access to desk space, fast Wi-Fi or meeting rooms, for when a work requirement might pop up unexpectedly during your time off.

Unsurprisingly, these types of blended trips require a unique mix of flexibility & fun, and reliability & professionalism. That’s where serviced apartments come in.

1. More space, same cost

Having an entire apartment for yourself holds many advantages:

  • you can bring your family along
  • you can eat nicer, healthier home-cooked meals you prepare in your own kitchen
  • you can use a spare room as an ‘office’ or conference call space if you need to,
  • you can even host a very comfortable, quiet meeting over coffee in your own space

… and all this for the same price as (or often even less than) an average hotel room.

2. Time-saving services

With a serviced apartment, you still get a wealth of convenient, time-saving services at your fingertips, such as airport transfers, cleaning and linen services, extra food delivery, shopping, packing, additional beds/bedding, family needs, and personalised local recommendations. At Globe Apartments, we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate all your service needs.

3. Personalised experience

You don’t need to jump to the opposite end of the accommodation spectrum – peer to peer roomshare or similar – to find that ‘personal’ touch that adds a special holiday element to an otherwise bland business trip.

Not every serviced apartment provider offers the kind of bespoke, personalised experience that Globe does, but here you’re dealing with one dedicated account manager instead of a series of interchangeable concierge clerks, and the service is much more flexibly able to fit an array of both business and leisure needs.

4. Business-friendly features

Serviced Apartments in London are often just as well-connected as major hotels, with easy access to London’s tube network and public transport. They come fully equipped with all modern business facilities such as direct dial phones, fast internet access and a space for work.

You get all the safety and security you require (in-room safes and modern security systems), without the expense and lack of privacy you typically get from a hotel.

5. When you finish work, you want to come home

We’ve said it before: staying in an apartment is more like a home away from home. Nothing makes corporate travellers happier than being able to put their feet up at the end of a long day in a space which reflects a little personality. Productivity and morale is boosted when it becomes easier for the bleisure traveller to flip that switch between ‘work time’ and ‘home time’ – and stepping through the door of your beautiful, clean and homely apartment helps.

More than just a buzzword, it looks like in our increasingly connected world of ‘always-on’, this bleisure style of travel is here to stay.

Just make sure you stay with us. ;)

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