Globe sponsoring Emma Critchley's Aria

Globe Apartments are proud sponsors of Aria, a site-specific audio-visual artwork which can be seen this Friday night, 27 September 2013, at Night Contact.

Night Contact is a one-night multimedia and photography festival, popping up across a range of venues in Dalston, East London.

"Supporting and promoting contemporary image making, Night Contact aims to bring together exciting and innovative photographic works that provoke or engage in conversations with other media, such as film, music and literature. All of the works will embrace the projection format, through experimental edits, collaborations with other artists, and the use of sound, narrative, movement, colour and rhythm."

Aria features a freediver and a female soprano, projected inside a shipping container in Gillett Square.

"Immersed in the soundscape of an a cappella voice, the viewer experiences a figure moving within the depths of the underwater landscape, pulsing with the lyrical rhythm of the singer’s breath."

More information can be found at the Night Contact website, and if you would like to learn more about any of Emma's other work, please visit her website at