Globe strengthens leadership in 2017

Globe Apartments is excited to announce the appointment of Kiri Ballard and Anne Christie as our new company Directors. They join Managing Director Mark Wilson to form an experienced, professional Board, inspired to bring thought diversity and a trajectory of sustainable growth to our clients and our business. 

Kiri Ballard

Kiri has over 20 years' experience at the forefront of the short let business, delivering the consistently exceptional service for which Globe's clients and guests have come to know us. She has a passion for enhancing the customer experience, focused on the intersection of service and space.

"I'm thrilled and honoured to be appointed a Director of Globe Apartments, where I've spent the majority of my career developing, learning and pushing the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of. I can't wait for what's to come and look forward to all the challenges and successes of the future." 

Anne Christie

Anne is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 10 years' experience in property management and accounting. She brings a calculated business and financial perspective, which has already led to increased growth and efficiency within the business. We all benefit from her intelligent approach to systems and processes.

"In a rapidly-changing and growing sector, keeping up requires bold developments. Personally, I see so much potential in this business and I am happy to be contributing to its continued success."

Mark says of the appointments: "It's the undeniable hard work, loyalty and professionalism from both Kiri and Anne which made this decision an obvious and easy one for me and for the company. I look forward to continued growth and success for Globe with these two alongside me at its helm".